Effective stump grinding services in Irvine

When trees are chopped down, their stumps are often left in the ground. This can look a bit scruffy in certain environments as well as the dead stump taking up space where fresh new greenery could grow.

If a stump from a removed tree is left in the ground it can also cause problems in your garden such as root disease and fungus. This then becomes hazardous to the rest of your garden, and again can be unsightly to look at. Don’t worry – K A Tree Surgery can help!

If you require stump grinding services in Irvine and across Ayrshire, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 07739 497593.

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Why choose K A Tree Surgery?

Stump grinding is a tricky job, and not one that you will be able to do yourself. At K A Tree Surgery we have all the specialist equipment to completely remove the tree stump in your garden. Not only will we use modern technology for the most effective removal, but we provide the best results, turning an unsightly stump into a fresh piece of ground for you to use.

We will also dispose of the old stump in a safe and professional way, taking it off your hands for good. Contact our experts to get started – we can visit all gardens in Irvine and the surrounding areas within a 20-mile radius.

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