Full tree removal and reduction service in and around Irvine

Tree surgery and removal by skilled tree surgeons

Do you have a tree that needs removing in a public, private or residential outdoor space? K A Tree Surgery can get rid of one or multiple trees in your garden. Your tree might be diseased, in the way, or simply needs removing to make room for something else. Whatever the reason, our team provide an excellent service, being mindful as we go and cleaning up afterwards.

    As part of our tree removal service we offer:

    • Pruning
    • Pollarding
    • Emergency tree removal
    • Dangerous tree removal
    • Tree crowning
    • Crown lifting
    • Tree felling
    • Trimming and shaping

        We can also help with hedge cutting and stump grinding. If there’s a tree or trees in your garden that require any of the above services, give us a call today on 07739 497593.

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      Tree reduction in Irvine and across Ayrshire

      As insured and qualified arboriculture specialists, we understand the intricacies of trees, how they grow and how they need to be managed. If you choose to invest in our tree reduction services, we can help you with anything you specifically want doing on the tree. For example, is your tree blocking too much light? We can help!

      We can identify ways to ensure the tree is suited to its surroundings, using specialist techniques such as crown reduction if required. We can also see if any of the tree needs felling to minimise the spread of disease.

      Your local tree surgeons in Ayrshire

      Get in touch with us if you need tree surgeon services.

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